The UAE is in the verge of developing the world's best mGovernment implementation based on the road map designed by the mGCI. The team lead by Prof. Kushchu worked with ATRA of UAE in Dubai and with various stakeholders of mGovernment in the UAE. The road map contained set of activities from designing a central mobile payment system to integrated data and from mobile ID system to mGov Apps store(s). At the end of year 2015 or so, the UAE will be offering the most efficient and advanced mGovernment services to citizens' convenience. mGCI is proud to be part of such initiative, which will set an example to various government's  efforts in mGovernment.
This video a nice summary of current ICT developments in Afghanistan and mGCI with NETLINKS, in collaboration with other partners,  is aiming to improve on this through its work on mobile government strategy with MCIT.. We will be seeing much more transformation in the Mobile industry via capacity building, mobile sector development efforts and innovation in mobile applications..
Mobile Government Consortium International (mGCI) is awarded to conduct a World Bank funded project “Designing Strategy and Capacity Building for Mainstreaming Mobile Government for Afghanistan”. 

Summary Objectives 
  • Strategy Formulation: Designing a mobile government strategy and a road map in order to prepare the transformation of various government organizations and agencies so that they can effectively use mGovernment applications and services within their organizations, and in offering services to the businesses and citizens.